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Experience a Greener World with STI Nanaimo

Synthetic Turf International is a premium synthetic turf company founded in 1995. Owner Jeremy Stunt is a results-oriented professional with over fifteen years’ experience in landscaping, golf course construction and shaping of fairways, bunkers and excavation.  This was career path has both challenging and creative environments and it seemed the perfect fit to partner with Synthetic Turf International.  STI R&D team are no the rise as true visionaries of the synthetic turf industry, Synthetic Turf International consistently leads the field in research, development, innovation and experience.  Our team of professional installers don’t just build; they create the spaces you’ve envisaged. With up to date product knowledge, hands-on experience, pride in their work and deep sense of customer care our installers meet and exceed the highest standards of our clients!  STI Nanaimo team members are helpful and courteous and pay careful attention to detail and unmatched installer knowledge and skills.  Anything you want to do with artificial turf, we can do!

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